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Isayama Hajime apparently said on Twitter (or his blog too?) that Koreans’ lifespans doubled and that their lives fucking improved ‘thanks’ to Japan’s colonization of it. That it’s different from the Holocaust since Korea didn’t undergo any ethnic cleansing like the Jews. It’s the classic Korea-was-modernized-through-colonization-so-they-should-be-thankful-and-shut-up stance of some of the Japanese.


Now I know he’s not the only one who believes in this, but from my perspective it’s such BS. It’s insulting to hear that Japan ‘improved’ us by slaughtering us and attempting to wipe out our culture. And I don’t think he really has to say all this publicly? What exactly is the point? Was this in reply to someone or just him randomly talking about his beliefs?

SnK was pretty fun but I’m rapidly losing respect for Isayama. I let the Dot-Pixis-looks-like-a-real-life-general controversy slide because I thought that was stretching it a bit, but this? I normally don’t rant or hate but damn, I’m just really pissed. I knew something about watching the SnK military made me feel slightly uncomfortable… just soldiers speaking Japanese automatically brings up a lot of negative images but now that I think about it, maybe the mangaka’s underlying thoughts have a subtle hand in it…

I mean, I really want to try to separate the work from the creator - and if this wasn’t a manga/anime about the military, it might be a different story. But now it’ll be impossible for me to read or watch without associating it with the real Japanese army (even if it wasn’t Isayama’s intention… hm).

I’m not even a huge SnK fan and feel a bit betrayed. I really enjoyed the anime and was thinking about checking out the manga but I think I’ll put that off for a while now.


Reblogging from my personal blog because Isayama is making me very angry right now…

Edit: He also said that Japanese and Nazis shouldn’t be grouped together since Japan ‘helped’ Koreans and Chinese and all, and that kind of stereotyping causes misunderstandings and misgivings. Or something. wtf man. okay. whatever you say. That tweet’s on a major Korean newspaper now so he’s probably just lost himself a ton of fans there. The article says that they’re pretty pissed off (obviously). One person commented that he/she’s collected up to volume 11 but won’t buy any more and will use that money to buy fried chicken instead.

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